Monday, November 29, 2010

A Different Take on Sexuality

With the majority of Black actresses playing roles that are heavily sexualized, will the future give way to any improvement or a change in the characters Hollywood has women portray??
I believe that the answer to that question could be a little two sided. For example, Queen Latifah, one of the top A-list African American actresses of this time make it difficult to tell whether she is being sexualized, desexualized or just given a good role in a movie

Queen Latifah’s character Cleo was a complex black lesbian and her performance in “Set It Off” was incredible. It can be argued that Queen Latifah was sexualized in this movie because she featured in a sex scene where she was kissing another woman. Despite this scene not being as vulgar as Halle berry's monster ball scene, it still has elements of sensuality and sexuality. This is the only time that you can actually count Queen Latifah being sexualized in a movie. All other times her love intrest seem as mere boyfriends. Of the very few black actresses, Queen Latifah can be seen as one black actress that is given a positive image. Even with playing some of the stereotypical roles in the early stages of her acting career.

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