Monday, November 29, 2010

We Got Our Cilvil Rights Decades Ago....Why Are We Still Fighting This Fight?!?!?!

For all featured films produced, 29% of casting includes actresses (all actresses). This statistic only leaves 10% of African Americans cast in films. which means that 90% of the time there would not be Black actresses cast as lead characters in major films. Consequently, for those who were fortunate enough to get cast.

Racism and the film industry's limited vision created paucity of roles for this "type" of actress. for Black women roles such as, hookers, maids, sidekicks, and bestfriends to the main white actresses just worsened the situation. Black actresses such as Dorothy Dandridge and Josephine Baker were the components that brightened the way for the rising actresses, but they too played in the image defying roles as stated before.

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